My mission is to help you feel and look your best.

My content informs and inspires in a consciously positive way, with down-to-earth candor and solutions that really work.

Beauty can make us feel empowered. Confidence is often directly connected to feeling and looking what we imagine to be our best, and the world can respond powerfully to such assurance. Yet I don’t subscribe to one glossy definition of beauty or strict standards of fitness and diet that I think everyone should meet. I instead believe in your right to make your own choices, and to not be judged for them.

My purpose is to provide credible reporting and expert analysis to help you explore options to feel and look amazing – whether as whimsical as a new lipstick shade, or as serious as preventing skin cancer to researching cosmetic procedures and ways of healthier living.

I believe in beauty and wellness as a world of possibility for everyone.